Our Concept

Our Concept

Who Are We?

Lucid Dream is a Casablanca-based streetwear brand, founded on the premise of raising mental health awareness through Moroccan products, and the promise of cutting-edge fashion.

Our idea was born out of a profound appreciation of visual arts across genres and eras, a keen interest in streetwear culture, and a particular, long-held desire to contribute to the mental health cause, mainly amongst the youth. We strive to deliver a 100% Made-in-Morocco product that authentically reflects those very values without compromising on quality standards.

From the lucid feel of the fabrics down to the dreamlike colorways, our team conjures concepts worthy of your wardrobe as we split our yearly release program into two distinct drops, Addicted and Tamed.

Addicted is Lucid Dream’s take on the Fall/Winter collection, is a conceptually sober range of expressive items pieces that convey a reckoning of the dark elements that orbit one’s mental scope. The «addiction» label alludes to the powerful, often compulsive nature of these elements; it is a call to realization and acceptance, as every healing journey begins.

The collections will boast a fine combination of poignant graphics and fittingly somber colorways, for your casual aesthetic enjoyment as well as for making a statement.

Tamed is our take on the Spring/Summer collection is lighter, brighter, and colorful, because the path to healing is long and difficult, but it does not have to be dreary. Tamed draws inspiration from your inner fights, and cheers on your and your loved ones’ self-care efforts. Our designs are extra comfortable, mirroring your liberation from mental burdens.

This release represents the pain of hard work, the relief of crossing the finish line, and the pride of ticking another mental box. Our pieces will tell those stories for you.

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