Our Values

The Lucid Dream team works to maintain comprehensive, ambitious standards and the constant, uncompromising endeavor to meet them.

It is a natural commitment to allow people to make the right choice by simply putting on a great T-Shirt or Sweater.

Made In Morocco

Leading a nationally-based project is a further incentive to deliver on our vision. Lucid Dream seeks to make the “Moroccan-made” label a quality statement.

Sentimental appeal aside, what Lucid Dream represents is a team with vanguard sensibilities that knows firsthand what the market is missing, a brand that is open to the world and tailored to your closet.

Mental Health

The mental health message is not arbitrary. Lucid Dream is invested in raising awareness, de-stigmatizing the issue, and pushing the discourse, particularly amongst the Moroccan youth.

Ethical Manufacturing

Lucid Dream garments are made in trusted factories in Casablanca. We carry out the entire process in line with the conventional ethical practices (assessed through internal indexes), on both our end and our partners’. Our policy is eco-friendly, values labor, and empowers the local community.


Quality and longevity are of the essence. Our goal is to make clothes you enjoy wearing, over and over again. To get it right, we do not cut corners. We cut the finest (sustainable!) fabrics into timeless, comfy designs and colorful patterns.

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