What is Lucid Dream?

The Lucid Dream NFT purpose is to raise awareness about Mental Health, more specifically about Addiction in the Digital Age. We’re tackling this issue by splitting the project to two distinct phases of each Digital Addiction. We have in mind numerous Digital Addictions we want to tackle via ART and NFT sharing. We’re looking to giveaway a % of our revenues to Mental Health Associations to help them in their noble cause.

Our two phases are :

Addicted : A Series of NFTs that depict our daily habits when interacting with our addiction, unaware of our toxic actions.

Tamed : A Series of NFTs that remind us that small habits can help us overcome such toxic behaviors.

Season 1 : Smartphones


4 NFT Collections, each with a different artwork, that will hopefully allow us to first and foremost accept that we’re addicted to those screens.

  Drop 1 : 1000 Unique NFTs – October 2021

Drop 2 : 1000 Unique NFTs – October 2021

  Drop 3 : 1000 Unique NFTs – November 2021

 Drop 4 : 1000 Unique NFTs – November 2021


A series of NFT Collections that bring a spark of hope in our march towards a tamed addiction, allowing us to spend less on our phones, more time with ourselves and loved ones.

Drops : TBD

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